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Aims and Principles

The Libertarian-Left Collective is an organisational principle which aims to promote, cultivate and mobilise anarcho-communism and eco-anarchism, both in their collective sense as themes which enjoy a certain degree of ideological overlap as well as their development as separate philosophical entities. We are not platformists, but a collective that allows for the independent development of each political current into what we interpret to be an inevitable co-operative bloc. The dynamics of society are diverse, and if collectivist anarchism is to be an effective alternative to the state, we must form our own radical blocs to defend and propagate the convictions we hold to be undeniably true.

1.  The state is the embodiment of suppressed variety and individuality, harvesting both human and natural resources to maintain its existence. Its abolition will put an end to both the oppression of individual and communal liberty as well as the mass-production industry driven by a fabricated consumerism that has led to the relative abandonment of our environmental consciousness and its subsequent destruction.


2.  A decentralised organisation of society can offer the freedom of participation and existence within co-operative communities, the individual's identity remaining sovereign to the self by the freedom of degrees of participation, and allow for the remodelling of community-economies to the natural resources and phenomena under the guideline-premise of sustainability.


3.  The advancement of the human condition is intricately tied to the subsistent treatment of natural resources and the environment. Without the former’s appreciation of the latter, human society is undeniably condemned to expire prematurely, and symbiosis between society and environment can only be guaranteed in a decentralised and naturally varying re-organisation of our communities


4.    Liberation of the human potential to freely think and act is the blueprint for a sustainable future


5.    There are natural theoretical divisions to be found within anarcho-communism and eco-anarchism, and the L-L.C is not an attempt to smother these out. On the contrary, an anarchist society will inevitably vary in accordance to the communities it encompasses, and such differences are a mark of dialectic quality


In an age of unparalleled state aggression and expansionism, enforcing a cultural hegemony of state-capitalist behaviourism over the diversity of co-operative, collective and mutualised human communities, it is thus fundamental that we reconsider the anarchist proposal, and stand together to apply theory to practice through community-level direct democracy and a multitude of active fronts. Every ideology that claims a desire to a left-libertarian and environmentally sustainable future must be a mosaic of the diverse voices it consists of. It is in such a manner that an ideology can materialise into organisation, and an organisation evolve into a living and breathing society of left-libertarianism, or, quite simply, anarchism.

Freedom draws its first breath the moment it is conceived.

The maturing of theory must be counterbalanced by the evolution of practice. It is not enough to say who we are, as this can only be defined by what we do or aim to do. In order to establish a functioning alternative system of anarcho-collectivist principles, left libertarian conviction must be translated into an active implementation of theory into practice. Our focus will be a functioning student society circulating within the university environment, as it is a fundamental anarchist principle to act and allow others to act in the contexts most intricately tied to their circles of life – this allows for a better representation of opinion, greater practical and theoretical efficiency and a more all-encompassing revolution against the current structure of political society.


We will approach the development of a left libertarian student network by embracing the following areas of academia most relevant to a university context:


-       Mutual management: the free passing of student in and out of a collective network, managed and run by those who wish to contribute to it. The areas of voluntary contribution include a) Events management, involving the organising, running and reporting of events involving the society, b) Funds management, relating to the collaborative recording of expenditure and funds, c) Progress management, responsibility concerning the society’s programme, theoretical developments and membership-related issues, and d) Admin. Management, referring to the collective information-sharing process between all members

-       Free Education programme: free education events about anarchist theory, history and practice, as well as any choice of topic and subject deemed useful by any one member. This will be a process conducted by students for students

-       Skillshare: the exchange of personal skills, ranging from music to a driving license, for the free benefit of the society

-       Ideological workshops: group discussions on topics of anarchist ideology and the development of the L-L.C. What is the face of left-libertarianism in the 21st century?

-       Direct action: intervention and active response, in accordance to our aims and resources

New suggestions and methods will be included in accordance to the interests and abilities of those who wish to contribute to it. If you have an idea, here’s the place to try it. Every generation requires its respectively updated school of thought.


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